Hike to Choquequirao
04 Days 03 Nights

Inca Temple

Description of the Program.

  • Day 01: Cusco – Cachora – Chiquisca:

    Very early we leave by private bus to the Cachora community, then at approximately 3:30 hours reach the mentioned area, where we will find our carriers to then begin the walk between wonderful landscapes of wildlife, after 02 hrs., we will arrive at the Abra Capuliyoc that is located at 2800 meters above sea level, from this place you will see the amazing Valley of the Apurimac, depth, Majesty and surrounding to the harmony of its snow-capped peaks; After a walk of descent of 3 hrs, arrive to Chiquisca place where camp. Dinner.

  • Day 02: Chiquisca – Choquequirao:

    Very early began our descent, appreciating the magnificent landscapes of the Canyon of the Apurimac until 1,495 m.a.s.l., we will pass the modern suspension bridge of the Apurimac river, from there takes us a long, hard climb for 5 hours towards our goal, after a tired Trek arrived at Choquequirao to appreciate the wonder that saves us the past, walk its streets, venues, etc. Then we went to Raqaypata, we arrived just in time to enjoy the incredible sunset on the peaks snowfall before a delicious dinner and a rest well deserved in our camp (3000m).

  • Day 03: Choquequirao – Chiquisca:

    They ate breakfast and starts the day by visiting the restored part and we explore the newly discovered places which are being excavated and restored, an optional tour is the waterfall House (300 meters below Choquequirao) the archaeological monument is an Inca city which has divided sectors with different functions and which communicates through passages to the plaza mayor. This square is defined by constructions of different uses and has ceremonial and 2 levels of housing. The remains of the monument show that the city was suddenly abandoned. You can see temples of the Sun and Earth, real residences, rooms of rest, and residences for farmers. Also, from the highest point of the Husno, we appreciate again the twilight magic of the Apurimac Canyon, surrounded by the different Apus or mountain tutelary, with a little luck we’ll see a condor in all their magnificence bidding farewell to the God Sun. After this wonderful experience again road along the same route that brought us to Choquequirao, is undertaken gradually descending to the shores of the Apurimac river. Becomes Rosalina Beach for lunch, and after a short break continues to Chiquisca place of last night.

  • Day 04: Chiquisca – Cachora – Cusco:

    Again, we started walking towards Cachora for a duration of approximately 03 hours, can be seen again the barrel, as well as the diversity of flora and fauna with their different altitudinal or ecological. Finally, you arrive at Cachora to board the bus that brings us back to Cusco. Getting moved to the hotel. Choquequirao (from the Aymara chuqui, gold, and of the quechua kiraw, wedge, i.e.: “cradle of gold”) last bastion and refuge Inca.

Aditional Information

  • Includes:
    • Private round-trip transportation and return.
    • Entrance.
    • Professional Adventure Guide.
    • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.
      Camping (tent and flask, tent and bathroom) equipment.
    • Mules and horses to carry the equipment.
    • Cook and Assistant.
    • Muleteers.
    • 01 emergency per 03 people horse.
    • First aid equipment.
  • What advise you carry:
    • Clothes light.
    • Equipment for rain.
    • Warm clothing for the night.
    • A pair of hiking boots.
    • Flashlight with batteries extras.
    • Hat or Cap.
    • Extra money.
    • Mosquito repellent.


  • Day 01 Cusco- Cachora – Chiquisca:
    • Very early our guide will pick you up at the hotel, we will leave by private bus to the city of Cachora.
    • After 03h30, they arrive at the starting point where the muleteer and the mules await us to start the walk.
    • After 02 hrs., We will arrive at Abra Capuliyoc which is located at 2800 meters above sea level, from this place we will observe the incredible Apurimac Valley. Lunchtime
    • Then continue the walk, descend approx. 03hrs to reach the place called Chiquisca, where the first camp awaits you, dinner.
  • Day 02 Chuquiska – Rosalina Beach – Choquequirao:
    • After breakfast very early, we will descend to La Playa Rosalina (1550m / 5085f).
    • From there, we will continue towards Marampata (2850m / 9350f), where we will have a beautiful view of the archaeological complex of Choquequirao (3033m / 9951f). Lunch and short rest.
    • Then continue the walk to Raqaypata, you will arrive just in time to enjoy the incredible sunset in the snowy peaks before a delicious dinner and a well-deserved rest in our camp (3000).
  • Day 03 Visit Choquequirao – Return to Chiquiska:
    • After breakfast, then you will go to the highest part to appreciate the sunrise. Here you will observe the first visit to the archaeological site of Choquequirao.
    • In this archaeological monument, the central square stands out, which is defined by constructions of different uses, they have ceremonial and 2 levels of housing
    • You can see temples of the Sun and Earth, royal residences, restrooms, and residences for farmers.
    • After this wonderful experience, the road is taken again along the same route that took us to Choquequirao
    • After the descent arrives at Rosalina beach for lunch, after a short rest, continue to the place of Chiquisca at night, this will be the last camp.
  • Day 04 Chiquisca- Cachora- Return to Cusco:
    • Again, we start walking towards Cachora for an approximate duration of 03 hours, where you can observe the diversity of flora and fauna with its different altitudes or ecological floors.
    • Finally, they will arrive in Cachora to address the mobility that takes them back to Cusco.
    • Transfer to the hotel.

Price per Person: $ 650

Discount season 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

Protection measures COVID 19

As a responsible company in the current situation, we have become aware of the protocols and standards that the health sector and the government requirements for the operation of our services. That is why we are working on training our professional team and collaborators in the procedures necessary to safeguard the health and protection of each of our visitors.

How do I prepare myself?

Travelers visiting the city of Cusco should take into consideration the issue of altitude. It is important to take time to acclimatize, the first day of arrival to the city, should eat light foods, and especially rest so that the “soroche or altitude sickness” will not disturb the plans of the visit. It is advisable, if health allows it, to drink a hot cup of a good infusion, we recommend a good mate de coca, to restore the discomfort in the body.

Authorised Tour Operators

Cusco is a small city and the most important tours are at very close distances, it is always advisable to choose guaranteed options, there are many tour operators that are not authorized, before contracting a tour it is necessary that the visitor checks the most relevant information of the company in the government agencies that give the permission to provide tourist services in the city.

Should I use cash money or credit cards for my trips?

For security reasons it is recommended that you use a certain amount of cash for minor purchases or to acquire any souvenirs or details that the visitor may be interested in. In the city of Cusco the great majority of businesses, use payments with credit or debit cards the case, likewise, there are many agents, banks, and exchange houses, which you can access to remove money without any inconvenience.

How much luggage can I take?

Cusco is a city with a very varied climate, in the months of November to February, are known as the rainy season, the months of May until the end of July are the cold season, and the remaining months are warmer and with better weather. For this reason, it is recommended that visitors wear warm clothing on the tours they take, and always carry sunscreen, light clothing, comfortable shoes for walking, and what is necessary to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Health recommendations

It is recommended that you take out travel insurance in your home country for any health eventuality or mishap during your time in our country. If you are going to take a tour, either traditional or walking, we recommend that you inform the staff of the company of the different medical treatments that the visitor has been prescribed.
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