Protocols for the Covid 19

 |  Erick Martin Bustinza Arrospide

For our company and the tourism sector, in particular, it has been a very difficult time to overcome, I think we have all been affected to some extent by the COVID 19 pandemic.

And taking into account all this context and considering the reactivation of our sector, together with our team of employees, we have implemented a series of actions to safeguard the most appropriate biosecurity practices, for the return of our tours and tourist services.

In this regard, we encourage you to use and strictly comply with the following rules for the attention of our programs. We are currently following the recommendations of the health authorities of our country, and adopting the most efficient practices to safeguard the health of our clients, collaborators, and personnel related to our company.

Service channels

For your pleasure, we have implemented our organization as a Virtual Travel Agency, which means, that nowadays we are a company of tourist services with integral contact and support in the network.

In it, we put to your disposition our electronic channels to give you support in your consults and questions. In that sense, we have improved our contact points which are available 24 x 7 in our web portal, fan page of the company, and WhatsApp. Also, the management of reservations, payments, and other contacts are available through our channels. Our staff will be guiding you at every moment of your tour.

Procedures for tours

  1. All inquiries, reservations, and payments are attended directly with our team and sent through our corporate email or authorized means by our company.
  2. The reception in the means of transportation, whether air or land, will be in charge of our responsible personnel, who will have the appropriate measures to safeguard social distancing, proper use of masks, and constant application of gel disinfectant on hands.
  3. For the use of transportation, each visitor must respect the measures suggested by our guides and drivers who are in charge of enforcing the rules for the care of biosafety. Therefore, each visitor will receive a pair of masks for each tour.
  4. For the tours, the guide will be responsible for maintaining the biosecurity measures. For this purpose, we stipulate that the groups should not be formed by more than six passengers.
  5. According to our measures, the guide should always choose to take visitors to less crowded sites where there is not an accumulated flow of people, and always respecting the indications of each of the archaeological centers that we have in our city.
  6. As a control measure, our support staff will keep a strict control of the places that our visitors have contact with in order to provide support to the health services and traceability in case a case of Covid is detected.
  7. If any of our passengers have a reported case of Covid, the company’s personnel in coordination with the corresponding health authorities will provide the necessary support for treatment, it is important that our passengers should be aware of the protection and care measures suggested below.
„the following measures of care in front of Covid 19, are policies recommended and required by the Ministry of Health of which in its coordination a plan of security and vigilance has been presented on the part of our company.“
Milagro Arrospide
  1. Use of two face masks in case of tours and visits to public places.
  2. Constant hand washing.
  3. Constant use of alcohol disinfectant.
  4. If indicated by the authority, use of face shields during the tours.
  5. Enter the affidavit of Covid symptomatology, detected in the last 15 days, (Available through our Google form) which will allow us to know your health status and some details necessary for our staff.

It is necessary to indicate that these measures apply to all our services, both for traditional tours and adventure trekking tours.

Company protocols with Covid

It is important to indicate to our visitors and the general public the measures adopted as a company for the control of Covid 19. In this context, we have aligned ourselves with the regulatory framework indicated by the Peruvian Government for the management of sanitary protocols for the control of tourists and protection of the personnel who carry out the activities.

For your control and constant revision we leave in this page all the pertinent links, the norms and our protocols adopted by Aventuras EcotrekPeru Tour Operator for the development of the tourist activities.

We are clear that this pandemic has taught us a lot, preserving our health, our families and everything we love is the most important thing. In Aventuras EcotrekPeru we always keep in mind that taking care of ourselves will help us to return to normality, always respecting the health of all the people who are part of this activity.

Fuente: Diario El Comercio Perú – 2021

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